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Greater Vancouver Local Delivery: 2-3 Business Days
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Your orders will be shipped from Vancouver, Canada!

Yes we do! Shipping to the US takes about 3-5 business days.

Yes we do! Sold out items will be restocked in around 2-3 weeks.

Our first launch products are final sale.

Wholesale & Custom Orders

Yes we do! Email us at sales@rebearthed.ca to find out more about our MOQs, and our wholesale order process.

We also do custom orders, yes! Email us at sales@rebearthed.ca to learn more about our pricing, production timelines, and learn more about how you can customize your tote bags!

Yes. We have more colours to choose from, but are only limited to wholesale and custom orders. Email us at sales@rebearthed.ca to find out more.

Yes we do!

Our Artists, Collaborations, Joining us

Upon approval of the artist, we will share with you their contact information. Let us know in the contact page who you want to work with, and we’ll happily connect you to them!

email us at rebearthedvan@gmail.com to inquire about collaborations!

Visit the end of our about page to find out more!

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